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      Mother, I arrived very quickly to Ravda. I arrived just before I knew it. I have found a room in a brand new hotel of a super nice type. They have given a name to it very freshly – the “FRESH”! It is written on its roof with huge orange letters, and in the evening, it shines terrifically. If you make up your mind, come! There is no way to make a mistake, it can be seen hyper far just from the road, from the left, just before entering Ravda. When I entered, I liked the red leather small sofa. It looks like that one in your pictures from Chicago. Then I took the lift twice. It is out side, the whole from glass and you see everything and everybody in the bay. Imagine how the Sun goes down and the small lights shine inside and around. You, being an architect, draw and paint all the time?! Here the ceilings are just in your sketches – any odd shapes with a lot of halogens and neon. I have just forgotten my grammar...
P. S. Sorry but last night I took a bath under the fountain in the small pool. I could not hold myself in. It was shining terrifically... I have no words... Thank you for the “FERVEX”!

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