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Вижте Хотел "Фреш" на по-голяма карта

The Fresh Hotel is situated in the cozy seaside settlement of the village of Ravda, 3 km far from the largest Slanchev Bryag/Sunny Beach Holiday Black Sea Resort, 2 km far from the ancient Nesebar, 30 km far from Burgas, near Sv. Vlas and Elenite. The resort’s northern part rests on the foot of the last rising grounds of the Stara Planina massif. There are a few beach bays in the village, which stretch out to Nesebar. It creates a magnificent combination of sea and mountain. Here you shall enjoy the mild climate, foundling sun, golden fine sand, the beach, which offers many various sea sports as surfing, jet, pedal floats, kite-surfing and a beach for people, wanting privacy. There are no cities and enterprises around Ravda; it is an ecologically clean settlement with fine air, conductive to a peaceful family rest. A paradise recess destined for holiday by the nature itself:
Natural dunes among which rare plants grow
Clean water and an even sand bottom
Quiet sea without high and low tides
Clear air under the influence of the mountain
Sea breeze, which makes the days pleasant and the nights cool
Permanent bus transport provides for the connection with the rest of the resort places in the area, a mini small train connects Ravda through the sand dunes with the old Nesebar. To the North of Ravda, there is the ancient town of Nesebar, situated on a peninsula, an architectural and historical monument of the Bulgarian and world culture. Next to the town of the most ancient architecture along the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast there meet many various entertainments in the Slanchev Bryag/Sunny Beach Holiday Resort – mini golf, carting, casinos, riding on horseback, buggy, and pleasure entertainments. The newest Aqua Park with unforgettable water attractions is located 500 m far from the FRESH Hotel. For lovers of excursions and journeys, there are organized:
Excursions all over the country
Village tourism in the Staro Selo
Visits to Ropotamo, Sozopol, Kamchiya, Zheravna and Istanbul
Come to the sunny Ravda and the cozy FRESH Hotel!
A pleasant holiday place, quietness and luxury at attractive prices. One who has confided in us once, and then he makes it regularly.

Mother, I arrived very quickly to Ravda. I arrived just before I knew it. I have found a room in a brand new hotel of a super nice type. They have given a name to it very freshly – the “FRESH”! It is written on its roof with huge orange letters, and in the evening, it shines terrifically. If you make up your mind, come! There is no way to make a mistake, it can be seen hyper far just from the road, from the left, just before entering Ravda. When I entered, I liked the red leather small sofa. It looks like that one in your pictures from Chicago. Then I took the lift twice. It is out side, the whole from glass and you see everything and everybody in the bay. Imagine how the Sun goes down and the small lights shine inside and around. You, being an architect, draw and paint all the time?! Here the ceilings are just in your sketches – any odd shapes with a lot of halogens and neon. I have just forgotten my grammar...
P. S. Sorry but last night I took a bath under the fountain in the small pool. I could not hold myself in. It was shining terrifically... I have no words... Thank you for the “FERVEX”!

Day two! I am sharing about the rooms that they are whooping honey. We got on very well together. There is a cable TV, and I play and watch music. There is an air-conditioner, and it is very comfortably cool, however, as you have taught me, I rarely switch it on for not catching a cold without taking a bath. In the bed, it is very soft and I am very comfortable.

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